1. Please check our company bank information before taking bank deposit action.

  1. Please select the bank you wish to deposit. Then the name of the bank holder and account number will be displayed.
    After deposit, follow the step by step to send
    • Deposit Receipt.
    • Deposit Amount.
    • Send (ATM / CDM) Photo of deposit slip.

  1. Deposit takes 1 - 5 minutes to process.

  1. With a bank deposit slip (ATM + CDM), you need to take a picture of the entire bank deposit slip. The picture should be able to see all 4 corners of the bank slip. After that send it. If not, the deposit form you sent will be rejected / not approved.

  1. Online transfers must fill in the GAME ID in the transaction reference, take photos of the transaction results and send Resit images via WhatsApp provided.

  1. The final decision is based on our agent company. Thank you for your support.